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Aluminum Stairs

Standard Dimensions

Height Handrail: 36"
Height Landing (2 step): 21"
Height Landing (3 step): 28"
Height Overall (2 step): 57"
Height Overall (3 step): 64"
Width Landing: 40" x 40" or 40: x 60"
Adjustable Feet: 4"
Our aluminum stairs are maintenance-free and durable for long life cycle
Non-corrosive materials
Light-weight and easy to set up and relocate
Constructed of high-grade recyclable aluminum
Slip resistant stair surface
Interior and exterior applications
Standard and custom designs

Our industry just loves aluminum! At one third of the weight of steel, aluminum stairs are light weight and easy to install. It's also less expensive to ship. With the right alloy combination, aluminum stairs can be as strong as steel. Cold-weather applications are particularly well-served by aluminum because, as temperatures fall, aluminum actually becomes stronger.

Our aluminum stairs are non-combustible and non-flammable. It does not burn, and even in high temperatures, it does not produce toxic fumes. In addition, it conducts heat, so the stairs will not get too hot in summer or too cold in winter.

Aluminum products do not rust. It's protected by its own naturally occurring oxide film, a protection that can be further enhanced by anodizing, electroplating, painting or powder coating. Our stairs can be purchased with mill finish, anodized or powder coated. Non-corrosive features translate into low maintenance costs over the life of the product - no need to re-finish or replace.

Our aluminum stair systems come with multiple choices of decking materials to fit your specific need. Options such as traction tread has a superior grip and slip-resistance. Grip strut and bar grating are good options for industrial applications, or for heavy snow or ice. Diamond plate will be the best choice if no drainage is desired.

We can design and build custom products to fit your specific needs. Interested or want more information? Please contact us by phoning or calling us using the information below:


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Aluminum Stairs

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