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Adjustable Window Security Bars
Weather Resistant
Durable Construction
Durable Powder Coat Finish

Standard Dimensions

6-Bar: 41-3/4" x 30-3/4" to 54"
5-Bar: 32" x 30-3/4 to 54"
4-Bar: 22-1/4" x 30-3/4 to 54"
3-Bar: 15 1/4" x 30-3/4 to 54"
2-Bar: 8 1/4" x 30-3/4 to 54"
1-Bar: 6" x 30-3/4 to 54"

Color and Finishes

All security bars are powder coated. Custom colors and finishes are available.

Adjustable Window Security Bars

Our adjustable window security bars are the best protection option available on the market. They feature a strong fully welded design. We offer both fixed grid and adjustable horizontal or vertical bars with a one to six bar configuration. Optional interior hinge locking system available. Install them horizontally or vertically from inside of the window and prevent exterior siding damage, leaks and rot.

Constructed with flat bar and two different sizes of round tube for adjustable motion.

Made to fit all window sizes - adjustable width from 30-3/4" to 54". Custom sizes are available to accommodate smaller or larger needs.

Our product is easily installed - No going outside to climb a ladder. Installation only takes about 5 minutes per window.

Quick release option available.

Standard product does not come with the Quick Release option.


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