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Steel Finish and Coatings
Air Conditioner Screens
Protect your AC unit from theft
Protect your building from illegal entry
Custom sizes to fit your window and AC unit
Powder coated for durability
Easy installation

Color and Finishes

Security screens are powder coated or Galvanized. Custom colors and finishes are available.

Expanded metal hole size

1-1/2", 3/4" and 1/2"

Screens are custom built to your window size.

Air Conditioner Screens

Secure your building from the exterior and protect your windows from vandalism with our fully welded proven air conditioner screens. The screens are custom made to fit any window size and are available with a quick release hinged opening that provides a safety feature in the event of an emergency.

The product is constructed from angle iron frames and industrial grade expanded metal. Traditionally, the frame is held together with rivets or spot welds. By fully welding the frames, we increase the strength. The entire security screen becomes one single, solid piece, hence the huge increase in strength. Our superior design is MIG welded for long economic life, and powder coated for weather resistance. Stocked standard colors: black, gray and beige.

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